I hope all is well with everyone. As you all know I love a deal and will rarely pay full price for myself at least. However every now and then it is time for a splurge. Splurge items are usually things that just do not go on sale such as designer handbags. I had been thinking of finding a chain shoulder bag in a neutral tone that would go with everything. I liked a few options such as Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Prada. I noticed a rockstud Valentino one at Saks Fifth Avenue as well that had a few shades that looked appealing. I also liked the fact that all of these bags had card slots within so it was like a built-in wallet as well as room for a cellphone etc. There had to be some practical use to these handbags for the price!

As I continued my online search and comparison, I found something surprising, there was a Prada sale going on. This wasn’t a sale at Saks or Bloomies it was actually a sale at Prada! The blush tone online was 40% off however was sold out. So because I love it when I don’t have to pay full price I called the local Prada store to check: it was on sale but they sold out.

It seemed other fashion houses also had sales such as Burberry etc but I couldn’t find what I liked there so I narrowed it down to similar sized shoulder bags from Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. I called each store and they had the blush colored options however Valentino said they had one and another customer was interested in it. Now I know you are thinking what I am thinking but it could be true right? The salesperson was a smart lady and good at her job. She sent me pictures of the bag. After some deliberation and back and forth I decided to reserve it because I was leaning towards it anyways.

A few days later I had time to go in and see each bag. It honestly was an easy decision. While Saint Laurent is great and a nice shade the logo came out last year and remains on each bag so it is seen often. Louis Vuitton was a nice patent version but the shade was not what I was looking for and it was not roomy inside.

The Valentino bag had the best tone of blush, was slightly less expensive and the rockstud details won hands down, it was unique. The leather is buttery soft and of much better quality than the LV or YSL bags.

The bag is spacious inside with a red interior and built in wallet.  In addition the same salesperson was there to work with me and they were having a sale on other handbags and a few pairs of shoes. Of course they had a crystal pair in blush in my size that would match my new handbag! In addition, it was the last day of the sale by chance so I received an additional 30% off. It was meant to be after all!


The morals of this story?

  1. High end fashion houses do have sales they don’t necessarily advertise it.

  2. These recent sales were in June.

  3. When you buy an item at full price you may be able to get a deal on another item.

  4. If you find a fabulous salesperson keep working with them!

  5. If the actual design house is not having a sale look to Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman and/or their online discount options. Check our a link below with current sales! Happy shopping ☺️

Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale

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  1. Miki | 3rd Aug 17

    Love this bag and shoes from Valentino collection ! You have some really good choice ! Love the colors ! Xo

    • Mynt & Coco | 4th Aug 17

      Thank you so much Miki!

  2. siyaada | 3rd Aug 17

    That bag and shoes are everything, Very pretty

    • Mynt & Coco | 4th Aug 17

      Thank you Siyaada 😊

  3. Chayani | 3rd Aug 17

    This is such an amazing post ! Thanks for sharing!

    • Mynt & Coco | 4th Aug 17

      Thank you Chayani!

  4. Vyom | 4th Aug 17

    Absolutely love the blush bag babe!!! So classy and versatile. I totally agree with you “Why pay full price” ?? The shoes goes perfect with them

    • Mynt & Coco | 4th Aug 17

      😄right?? Thank you Vyom!

  5. Vyom | 4th Aug 17

    Love the blush bag so much!!! Such a great pick and a steal deal for sure. You have great taste.

  6. Veena | 4th Aug 17

    Love your picks. That bag is beautiful and so are the sandals. Blush is the trending color 💗

  7. Prachi | 4th Aug 17

    Love the bag . So pretty

  8. Shreya | 6th Aug 17

    These are gorgeous pieces. I had no idea that high end brands have their own set of sales.
    Shreya | https://mymagicaltrunk.com

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