Hello! I feel we are finally getting into the “chill” of things and it may be time to rearrange our closets in preparation. This is my favorite time of year for fashion mostly due to the variety of different fabrics that can be utilized.

Refined wool is an evergreen staple in anyone’s closet. Merino, cashmere, pashmina (PASHMINA SHAWLS AND ALL  ) are all amazing and obviously come at different price points. I paired my beautiful one of a kind embroidered refined wool shawl with one of my old tweed dress pants.

The detailing on this shawl is amazing and it remains so incredibly soft. When I bought it the gentleman said it was a form of wool close to pashmina and therefore should be kept in a cover so that it does not lose it’s lustre (and it has not ☺️).

Tweed is a beautiful fabric that has been quite popular on the runways this year. According to the encyclopedia Britannica (yes I still use it as a reference!), the word tweed was an accidental term meant for “twill weave” and the name stuck. Traditionally made of a rough textured varying weave of wool, the patterns were specific to different regions of Scotland and Britain. Harris Tweed is likely the most famous cloth and is handmade by the islanders of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. There is actually a Harris Tweed Act that was passed in the 90’s that says only tweed that was made specifically on those islands and in this manner can have the Harris tweed label and symbol (orb) on it. Besides Europe, one may find this tweed at higher end department stores or online in the US.

Another favorite fabric of mine is velvet. This is not surprising as I have written about it before: BLACK VELVET DRESS  , M&Cs FALL/WINTER 2017 STYLE EDIT .It is just so luxurious and cozy at the same time! I found a blue velvet blazer on Amazon for $29.99 and I had to have it. I love that it has the white piping so that it has that fancy pajama vibe to it.

Definitely try branching out to different fabrics this season. Most of these are also breathable and although you may not be wearing tweed directly on your skin as it is more of a jacket material, the skirts and pants usually have lining. As far as wool, a refined wool like cashmere is not itchy and is great for sensitive skin. Below are some affiliate links for the above outfit. (By the way the laced ankle boots are very comfortable orig. $159 and on sale right now for $25.99 on Amazon!)


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